About Lisa Daughtery


Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Lisa has enjoyed practicing and teaching yoga in and around central Indiana since 2002. Grounded in a deep connection to the earth, her teachings are rooted in creativity, wisdom and grace, earned over the years, by mothering four daughters, discipline, hard work, good friends, patience, and years of working as a doula to empower women through pregnancy and birth. She has led yoga retreats in Costa Rica and the Cayman Islands and especially loves leading yoga and meditation retreats with her partner, Brett Daugherty, to Sedona and Tucson, Arizona. She has contributed to numerous 200 hour yoga teacher training programs; and was twice the technical editor and video model for Yoga for Dummies, by Larry Payne. She can often be found in the woods, or on her bike, and hanging out with friends and family, laughing, singing, playing, planning, creating and sitting. She teaches many weekly yoga classes and workshops throughout the Indianapolis area; and is available for private yoga instruction and Thai massage, by appointment. Also, she is available as a doula by referral or appointment. She offers corporate yoga, and yoga for birthday parties, girls night out, or wedding or baby showers. If you take yoga classes or workshops with Lisa Daugherty, you can expect to hear a story or poem, maybe sing or be sung to, practice in a focused environment for the sincere cultivation of conscious breathing, mindful movements, rooted in yoga poses and somatic movement practices that strengthen and stabilize the body and mind, with deep respect for her students well being.